Bepicolombo Instruments [Components] – MTM, MPO, MOSIF, MMO

BepiColombo Mission Facts Dates

Bepicolombo mission is the highly anticipated mission in the history of Space travel. All of us really want to know about the atmosphere on mercury and whether there is any possibility of life or if there is life present in any form on the hottest planet of the Solar System, Mercury, which is mostly hidden from the vicinity due to it being the nearest to the sun and it is the hottest planet of the solar system.

So let us have a look at the different components of the Bepicolombo Spacecraft, which is going to provide us a glimpse of the highly anticipated planet of the Solar System, Mercury. Continue reading “Bepicolombo Instruments [Components] – MTM, MPO, MOSIF, MMO”

What is Mercury and where it is located in the Solar System?

Mercury is a planet in our Solar System, which is the smallest and nearest to the sun.  Mercury goes around the sun fastest of all the planets. Like other planets, Mercury has no moons.

Mercury was named after Roman God messenger. Romans believed that Gods were in charge of everything that happened on earth and their messengers name was Mercury. The Roman messenger mercury had horns in his helmet and had shoes and could travel anywhere at a very fast speed. The planet Mercury also goes around the sun faster than any other planet of the Solar System. According to Indian astrology, Mercury is known as Buddha and governs education, intelligence, speech, self-confidence etc. Continue reading “What is Mercury and where it is located in the Solar System?”

BepiColombo Mission Dates, Objectives & Fact Sheet

About BepiColombo Mission

BepiColombo Fact Sheet

The entire world has been talking about the ‘Mars Mission’. Mars, which is next to earth and 4thplanet from the Sun has been highly and much talked about. While among all this Mars quest, some European scientists in collaboration with Japan decided to think differently and decided to uncover the secrets of another planet which not many talk about- Mercury. Continue reading “BepiColombo Mission Dates, Objectives & Fact Sheet”